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Shipping and orders


How will my order be shipped?
Orders are typically fulfilled within 1 week and are shipped via USPS.

When will I receive my order?
Orders will be shipped within one week of ordering when in stock. You should receive shipping information when your order is processed so you can know more accurately when it will arrive.

What do I do if I never received my order?
I do my best to track all of our shipped packages but please let me know as soon as possible if you or the intended recipient have not received your order by the time expected. contact 

Where are you located?
I produce from a commercially operated kitchen out of Brooklyn, NY. I do not have an accessible storefront.

I live in Brooklyn/Manhattan, do you have a local delivery option?
Although we do not have a storefront we do offer local pickup M-F 9am-3pm from our commercial kitchen when in stock, located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

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How can I contact you about a larger order?
Email me directly for large order inquiries.

How long will my order stay fresh?
Treats are best enjoyed within 6-8 weeks from opening and will stay fresh for longest when kept sealed and in a temperate environment. I do not use, add or intend to ever include additional preservatives to elongate shelf life. All of my products are made, tested, and quality tested over an elongated period of time and most can actually be enjoyed for many months, if you intend to savor them one by one.

Whats the best way to store items I’ve ordered?
All products are best kept in sealed, airtight containers. Tinned products are best kept in the tins they arrive in; with the other products - in the bags they come in sealed completely or transferred to tins or other airtight containers. Tin is one of the best materials for maintaining freshness of the baked goods offered here.

What do I do if I receive a damaged or incorrect order?
Please let me know so I can remedy the situation immediately by emailing

How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?
Reach out to via email:

I'm having issues placing my order (error message, shipping issue, etc.), what should I do? 

The system is unfortunately not fail proof and I am sorry if you experience a frustrating checkout experience. If you are having issues placing an order for any reason, please email me your order and I'll invoice you a more old fashioned way If you could include any screenshots or error messages associated with the checkout process I would be much obliged as this helps me figure out the cause of any problems and keep it from happening again!

How is the product made? Where do the ingredients come from?
The product is made by hand in small batches in Brooklyn. Organic and best quality ingredients are sourced whenever possible. Some companies whose products I stand by and use include King Arthur flour, Bob's Red Mill, Central Milling, Murray's Cheese, Cabot butter, Burlap and Barrel Spices, Diaspora Co. Spices,, Heilela Vanilla, and Valrhona Chocolate to name a few.

How do I contact you if my question isn’t answered here?
Please email us directly:

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Refund Policy 

If you are unhappy with your order please contact me directly I will do my best to provide replacements or refunds where applicable.

I cannot accept returns on any orders.