Orders begin shipping February 1st!

Gift orders

What’s your policy for special business and gift orders? 
I welcome business, corporate, and gift orders. Cookies are a delightful way to show clients, colleagues, and leads you care.

Can I ship orders to different addresses?
Yes. During checkout, click the "ship to multiple addresses" button. You can assign different items to different addresses. Separate shipping will be applied for each address. If you're sending multiple items to the same address, shipping will be bundled for that address.

When checkout is complete, you'll get a separate confirmation email for each address. If you have questions, email me at l@laurieellen.com.

Can I send an Excel or spreadsheet for bulk orders?
Yes, absolutely. I can ship to addresses listed in a spreadsheet for orders that meet a minimum of $500. Contact me at l@laurieellen.com.

Will you ship outside of the United States? 
Yes, please contact l@laurieellen.com for rates.

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